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Giving Back to Our Community

Giving Back to Our Community

It’s important for Hunter and Beck to not only help make our law firm thrive but to lift up the community in the city of Alexandria at the same time.

Dedication to our Clients

Dedication to our Clients

We brief all of our defense cases as if we are going to trial. If know you what the defense attorney might say then you give your client the best chance.

Client Testimonials: Heather Smith – Car Accident

Heather Smith spine injury in a car accident lawyers near me Heather Smith was a single mother who was involved in a car accident. She had pinched nerves in her spine and no feeling in her legs. That’s when she contacted Hunter and Beck. “When I came in a met with him...

Filing a Wrongful Death Action

  Filing a Wrongful Death Action Losing a loved one is devastating. Coping with your loss can become even more stressful if you are left with medical bills, funeral expenses, or the loss of income. If you or someone you know lost someone because of a wrongful death,...

8 Things to do After a Car Accident

An auto accident proves hectic and scary for everyone involved. Unfortunately, sometimes the worst part is not your wrecked car—it’s the injury you sustained from the car accident. No matter the injury or form of treatment, medical bills can rack up quickly. If you...

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