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Get what You Deserve

Hunter and Beck get You what You Deserve 

Oftentimes we have people come in and they’ll tell us what their situation is, whether it’s been a car accident, or they’ve been hurt at work, or they’re here as a result of a doctor’s negligence. They’ll preface their narrative with I’m not the suing type. I think what that means for most people is that they are used to working for what they have, and they don’t want handouts, they don’t want anything they don’t deserve. Here at Hunter and Beck, we believe in that as well.

Insurance companies don’t mind it whenever they take your premiums each month, but sometimes when you get an accident and they say, “well we’re not so sure maybe we’re not going to pay the claim we’re investigating we think we see that you’ve been to a doctor before maybe all your problems are from that doctor visit a year ago.” So it’s really about personal responsibility. I think when you boil it down to that people understand that we’re not trying to take advantage of anybody, and we’re not trying to get people things that they don’t deserve.

Here at Hunter and Beck, our job is to make sure that the other side, the insurance companies, do what they’re supposed to do.

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