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Knowing Our Clients – Philip Hunter

Knowing our clients well means that we can fight for them the right way. We know what their case is. We know what they are. We know what they need, and we fight. You aren’t going to find another lawyer that cares about your wellbeing and your case as much as Mr....

Client Testimonial: Megan

Megan was a very young person when she first hired us and first met us. We met her in the hospital after a very serious accident. I stayed in the hospital for 20 days and a wheelchair for seven months and told I was never going to walk again. She had bills that kept...

Client Testimonial: We are Family

I wanted to actually talk to the lawyer and not through a secretary or you know, some type of paralegal that wasn’t the attorney himself. I always have time for my clients to hear their story without cutting any corners. I always have time for a phone call, whether...

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