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Hunter and Beck

Passion that Wins

Passion that Wins Cases

If you’re not passionate about a case, then I believe that the judges are going to pick up on that. They think, “This lawyer is not passionate about their client and not passionate about the case. They must think that this is not a strong case, or they must see a problem with the case.”

100% of Hunter and Beck

So, if you can’t put yourself into the shoes of your client, I think that is something that the judge and jury can sense. I don’t take cases where I can’t give my clients 100%. If I take a person’s case, they know that they don’t get 50% of Yuri Beck, or 75% of my best. They are going to get 100% of my best every single time. That is important, not only to the client, but also to the client’s success. When you are trying to settle a case, defense attorneys, adjusters, they are aware of the level of effort you are putting into the case. They are aware of your focus, aware of your passion. If you are passionate about your clients and your cases all of the time, it lets you KNOW that you have done right by them every single time, and that you didn’t leave anything on the table.

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