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Client Testimonial: Megan

Client Testimonial: Megan

Megan was a very young person when she first hired us and first met us. We met her in the hospital after a very serious accident.

I stayed in the hospital for 20 days and a wheelchair for seven months and told I was never going to walk again.

She had bills that kept going. She had a family that involved expenses and we were able to give her a chance to not worry about that.

It was just the biggest sigh of relief, because Mr. Hunter wasn’t going to settle for anything other than what he thought I deserved.

We kept up with her every step of the way. Knowing her family is knowing a family of good, hard, determined people. And Megan’s another one of them.

It was the relationship that he created with me. If I had any questions, concerns, all I had to do was call.

When you hire Hunter & Beck, you get Hunter & Beck.

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