I wanted to actually talk to the lawyer and not through a secretary or you know, some type of paralegal that wasn’t the attorney himself.

I always have time for my clients to hear their story without cutting any corners. I always have time for a phone call, whether it’s just to say ‘Hey I’m not sure about this, what do you think?’

If I had any questions about anything, it was no hesitation for him to pick up the phone and call. Having their support when I really knew that I needed it, that meant the world. I’ve really seen a side that they are really there for you and not just to make a dollar.

She’ll come up here and say ‘Hi, I’m just wanting to come by and see my people, see my family.’

So now, it’s more than an attorney. More than the staff here. It’s more like family.

When you hire Hunter & Beck, you get Hunter & Beck.


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